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The Mark Makers is a unique early writing program for under 5’s devised by qualified teacher and director of Little Learners, Rachel Fay. The programme is easy to follow and can be differentiated within the age range of 5 month to 5 years, although the programme has been adapted to older children and those with additional needs.

It is our view that the more that children have fun mark making and developing their motor skills, the more prepared and confident they will be when it comes to writing at school. In our mark making programme, our four Mark Maker characters represent the four main marks that help to make up all letters, numbers, shapes and patterns: a straight line, curve, circle and a zig-zag.

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Lionel the soldier, Archie the rainbow, Swirlo the magic pot and Ziggy the monster focus on the main ‘marks’ that make up all letters, numbers, shapes & patterns. Once a child can make each of the 4 marks represented by our characters, then they will be able to form the letter, number, shape or pattern.

Repetition is important in mark making and the more the mark is practiced, the more recognisable the mark will become to the child. The mark making opportunities are appropriate for every type of learner. The way we learn best can be auditory, visual, or kinaesthetic. Little Learners classes provide resources that are colourful, engaging and eye-catching with a good selection of different textures and surfaces which are interesting for children to touch. For example, to assist the auditory learner we make sure there is music playing – mark making to the beat!

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We are so excited to have teamed up with our friends Eduk8 to bring you a growing range of Mark Makers products and resources!

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