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Helen Bakie

Welcome to Little Learners Longfield & Sevenoaks! We run Messy Play & Mark Making classes and events across the area. We also offer Little Learners birthday parties! Please get in touch if you have any questions...

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About me

Hi I’m Helen and I am a graduate in Early Childhood Studies and have more than six years of experience working with pre-schoolers.

I’d love for you to join me and my one-year-old daughter for Messy Play across the Longfield and Sevenoaks areas.

I think play is the very best way for very young children to learn important skills they will need as they grow up and go to school. Play is great for building brain pathways for thinking, creativity, empathy and many other lifelong skills. Messy play gives children an opportunity to explore new materials fostering their imagination and curiosity.

Baby and toddler groups are vital to providing young children and their parents the chance to build skills together and have fun along the way. Having my own two children prior to and during COVID has really made me recognise and appreciate the important role groups and classes can play in supporting development. I missed them so much during the first few months of my daughters’ life and I hadn’t appreciated how many groups I took my son, who is now nearly three, to and how much he got out of it!

I’m really excited to bring Little Learners to the area and help your little ones to grow and learn in a safe, relaxed and most importantly fun environment. Because what is life without a little mess?

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