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The Elf on the Shelf LOVES to get Messy too!


I think by now the majority of us parents have succumbed to The Elf on the Shelf craze!

Some of us, me included, LOVE it and decide to get it before their little ones fully understand. Others are guilt tripped and almost forced to allow the mischief maker into their homes.

However after doing it for a few years, you start to worry that the ideas will dry up! Fear not my fellow Elf lovers, I’ve got you covered!

As you will all know, here at Little Learners we LOVE Making a Mess!! It’s our favourite way to Make our Marks and have a tonne of fun whilst doing so!

So here’s a few ideas from my personal stash!! Some are super messy and others are just plain cheeky…. Enjoy!!

Let’s start by introducing our Elf! This is BoBo, he joined us in December 2016 when Issabella was just 2 years old. This is him at his very first LL classe in 2017 receiving his very own Little Learners T-Shirt! BoBo’s Sister Betsie then joined up in December 2019 when Issabella’s Brother Hudson was born. You’ll get to meet her further down the page.

I know this might look like the worst idea in the world, sugar for breakfast, but it goes down a storm. Our’s have progressed over the years and had sprinkles, marshmallows and even candy canes added!
Who doesn’t love Minions? This is a good one for when you’ve forgotten, i’m pretty sure i snuck down to do this in the morning myself! Oops!
It had to be done!! We LOVE Crazy Soap and so does BoBo. We’ve done a few different versions and each time it has gotten a great response!
Say hello to Betsie and our poor melted snowman! I used cornflour & water, aka Gloop, which is a firm favourite amongst our Little Learners. I then added bluberries and a little carrot nose! Oooo don’t forget the hairdryer.
Why not have your Elf “bake” a cake. I can hear some of you… “oh the mess” However this lead to us having a morning of baking and making some fab Christmas Cupcakes!
Lastly, one of our most recent. This time BoBo & Betsie have lead Elfie astray making Hot Chocolate in the night!

So that’s just a small selection of our favourites! I can’t promise that your little ones won’t eat the sugary treats that have been left out, or that they won’t pick up the Crazy Soap and throw it at you. The likelihood is that it’s going to happen, but it’s all part of the fun!

If your in need of some Crazy Soap or even some of our Zimpli Kids Slime to help with your Elf’s shenanigans why not grab it from our online shop >

Thanks for reading and Happy Elfing

Emma x

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