A Little Learners Christmas


It’s well known that we LOVE Christmas at Little Learners! We always have the most amazing time putting together our festive events for all of our Little Learners and their families to enjoy!

As we all know 2020 is a touch different, gone are the HUGE events we are used to and in place we are arranging small scale festive classes for you all.

So we thought…….. ‘Why not showcase some of our favourite festive trays’

Let the festivities commence!!

It’s the big man himself! SANTA made entirely out of coloured rice & flour!
Yummy! A GIANT Gingerbread man! Made form crushed ginger snaps and lots of little gingerbread men on icing sugar for the little ones to decorate!
Christmas wouldn’t be complete without SNOW! Except this snow won’t freeze your hands and doesn’t melt! Grab your Crazy Soap here >
Now you can’t enjoy the festivities without your Christmas Dinner! This is in fact Gravy, Mash, Peas & Carrots! Our Little Learners LOVED it.
We can’t forget to have a Christmas Pudding! This one is made from Cake mix! Super yummy and super duper messy too.
Last but not least RUDOLPH! I mean where would Santa be without him? Stuck in the North Pole, that’s where! Here he is standing in a tray full of his very special food (oats & glitter yum!)

We hope you’ve enjoyed joining us for a Little Learners Christmas! Now why not give them a try at home too for your little one’s to enjoy?

Also don’t forget to book your space on one of our smaller festive classes! They’ll be full of festive, sparkly fun for all >>

Thanks for reading

Emma x

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