#watchmefly - Children's Activity Week 2023


A child uses their hand to make marks on a worksheet for Children's Activity Week
Children’s Activity Week Mark Making

Little Learners across the UK will be taking part in Children’s Activity Week 2023, raising funds for Cauldwell Children!


Our theme for the year is #watchmefly, encouraging all children to reach for the stars! To celebrate, Little Learners will be running special themed classes. You might be blasting off into space in Basingstoke or spreading your wings in Winchester. But we do know that our sponsored 5 Minute Mark Making activity will raise vital funds for Caudwell Childrem. This amazing charity works hard everyday to improve the lives of children with disabilities and autism. A worthy cause indeed!

The Mark Maker's Celebrate Children's Activity Week

Raise Funds for Children’s Activity Week 2023

Little Learner’s mission is to help every child make their mark – and we mean it! We’ve put our unique mark making programme to use to make a difference. All funds raised during Children’s Activity Week will be donated to Caudwell Children to support the important work they do for disabled children across the UK. For 5 minutes, every Little Learner’s class will do a fun and engaging sponsored mark making activity.

Sponsored 5 Minute Mark Making in action!

Why take part?

You be helping us improve the lives of some of the children that need it most! But aside from that, taking part in Children’s Activity Week can help YOUR child too. Activities such as our sponsored mark making not only foster empathy, but encourage children to reflect upon their own lives and the people around them. Engaging in charity events can help nurture children and encourage the development of social skills. We’d say thats a win win!

If you’d like to help us hit our target, you can donate here!

Get involved!

Can’t attend a class this week? Then get involved from home! Download our FREE Mark Making Worksheets here! Simply print them off at home, each sheet even contains a QR code to our Just Giving page. Simply colour and paint and pass the sheet on as a gift so your Little Learner can help raise funds for Caudwell Children. A great gift for grandparents and friends!

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