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Now Introducing… Little Learners Playspace Ashington!


A BRAND NEW playspace entirely dedicated to Little Learners has opened in Ashington, and we could not be more excited! This now brings more Messy Play to the North East meaning you can get more of your daily dose of Little Learners in!

Lindsay over at Playspace Ashington has been working super hard to bring you a fun and engaging
space for your tiny tot’s development as a Little Learner, and we are so thrilled to announce the
the success of her open day!

With a huge variety of activities suitable from the age of 3 months all the way up to 7 years,
focusing on messy play, fine motor development, and mark making, this Ashington playspace is well
worth a visit if you’re located in the North East!

Be sure to book in with Lindsay on our website by clicking here and get your New Year
off to a great start, we can’t wait to see you there!

Here is what Lindsay who provides Messy Play had to say:

After joining Little Learners in April 2021, I knew straight away how much I loved providing families with such engaging and exciting classes! After watching children coming along, term after term and seeing them grow and learn, I was very eager to take this further and provide families with something even more exciting! I have undergone a Children & Young Peoples BA Honours Degree, and have always been passionate about opening my own premises! The most perfect little venue then popped up later this year, so I grabbed it with both hands and I’m so so happy to announce Playspace Ashington is now here in Northumberland, in the North East!

I wanted to ensure activities and sessions I provided were more than just what we do in our normal classes, so we could make sure every child could enjoy the experience, even if Messy Play is not what they enjoy!! The playspace at the moment is across two rooms (at the moment….watch this space for even more plans going on in my head right now for the upstairs room!) one room being full of exciting mark-making and messy play opportunities, along with the room next door is known as our ‘ clean ‘ Physical development room, which involves a variety of fine and gross motor development opportunities using toddler climbing equipment, ball pit and more! Both rooms have been an absolute hit, at our launch days this month! We are in fact almost fully booked for Jan/Feb 2023, have started taking in Party bookings, received such kind, positive feedback, and even have private bookings from a local primary school and a local sen charity group! I have even more plans for 2023, I really do want to make every family enjoy the experience of Playspace in Ashington!

In the meantime, check out some photos from the playspace:

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