Fine Motor Activity Ideas!


We love getting crafty both in class and in our own time, there’s something so rewarding about making homemade activities for you and the little ones to enjoy! Take a look at some of our favourite simple at home fine motor activities created by some of our wonderful franchisees at Little Learners!

Pincer Grip

A lot of fine motor activities that we incorporate in our classes encourage our students to work on their grip. This is a great way to start their early writing journey as having a sturdy grip can make all the difference to their overall writing quality!

Fine Motor

This easy to recreate activity idea costs virtually nothing and always goes down a treat with the little ones! All you need is a tray of some sort (an ice cube tray is used in this example), a pair of child safe tweezers and something for them to grab such as pom-poms or wrapped sweets. The simple and repetitive act of gripping and placing an object will improve your child’s grip strength tenfold! Why not make use out of those empty chocolate boxes lying around after Christmas 😉

Fine Motor Match Making

Sometimes the most simple ideas are the most effective, take this sensory tray for example!

All you will need to make this fine motor activity is some lollipop sticks and clothing pegs as well as a felt tip pen to write your numbers! This fine motor activity a great memory game and is PERFECT for encouraging memorising, pairing and repetition!

Bear Hunt

We’re going on a Bear hunt! Not really…but this fine motor activity is close enough!

These adorable rainbow bears are such a great addition to this activity, however, if you can’t get your hands on these figurines you can use absolutely anything to recreate this tray! The aim of the game is to sort each colour into its corresponding pots, you could use coloured pom-poms, pipe cleaners, or any other item with varying colours. This is ideal for improving your little ones’ hand-eye coordination!

Fine Motor Threading

Another simple but effective idea! We incorporate threading in a lot of our messy play classes as it is such a simple concept that provides a multitude of benefits!

Fine Motor

The aim of the game is simple; thread the hole! We use these coloured pasta pieces in class but you can really make this craft your own by using items you have around the house such as a colander, cardboard with holes cut out or dry pasta shells!

We hope you have loved all of these fab Fine Motor Ideas and would love to see if you have done this at home by sharing on Instagram and tagging @littlelearnersUK.

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