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We’ve had the pleasure of trying out foamë in our classes over the past few months. foamë is a new construction toy and can be made into boats, helicopters, rockets and many other things. It is great to help develop little ones fine & gross motor skills, aid them in imaginary play and also getting their hands ready for holding writing tools.

We had the pleasure of trying out the foamë, which you can create boats & ships with, at our Gateshead Leisure Centre class.

This is Jensen slotting together the foamë shapes.

Willow creating a small structure using her imagination.

Jake was occupied by the foamë for most of our class. He worked alongside his mam making the boats & surfers.

We have thoroughly enjoyed using foamë in class and I look forward to trying out the next bag with our Little Learners.

If you would like to take a look at what foamë has to offer or buy a set yourself go to

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