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Holly Benn

Welcome to Little Learners Southport! We run Messy Play & Mark Making classes and events in Southport. We also offer Little Learners birthday parties! Please get in touch if you have any questions...

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About me

Hi, I’m Holly Benn and I am the proud owner of Little Learners Preston & Southport Messy Play classes. I deliver these multi award-winning children’s classes in Southport and hope to bring them to surrounding areas in the near future. 

A little about me

Teaching has been my life for over 10 years – I was a primary school teacher for 10 years and deputy head for 3 of them. I am also a mum of two (a 5 year old and a 2 year old – I’m completely in the thick of it!) Teaching has been my life for over 10 years now and I love being a part of children’s education.  When I became a mum of two, I decided  to go part time with my teaching and start a business that would give me a little more flexibility.  Little Learners allows me more time with my children during these important and fleeting early years.

What are our classes all about?

Southport Messy Play

Getting messy and having fun is an important part of early childhood. In fact, babies and young children learn best through play, especially when it is unstructured and exploratory. As a teacher I am used to dealing with ‘right and wrong’ answers but with messy play there is no right and wrong! That’s what I love about it! Messy play and mark making is creative, fun and allows children to use all of their senses. I knew straight away I would love running this class – Who wouldn’t want to play with paint and playdoh or make rainbows and monsters out of spaghetti and glitter?

I am really excited to have brought this fantastic franchise to my home town. Little Learners is an amazing company and believe strongly in what it sets out to do: make all children happy and proud to make their mark. Above all else we want children to learn and have fun. Finally, my main aim is to create a happy and relaxed environment for parents and children. Bonding and having fun with your little ones is everything and if you can learn a little about early writing and mark making along the way, then I have done my job!

Party Packages

I love hosting Little Learners parties! It is the PERFECT, fun alternative to the usual soft play or children’s entertainers for birthdays or christenings. Did you know we can tailor our parties to your child’s interests and favourite characters too?  A ‘cake smash’ party is very popular and we have also catered to themes such as Peppa Pig, Unicorns, football, Marvel Superheroes and ‘Super Messy’ which included all our class favourites. You could even theme it around your child’s nickname or favourite toy. You can be as creative as you like or leave it all to us!

The party room would typically be set up with a variety of (themed) messy and dry trays, sensory play, painting and drawing stations, play dough, crafts and a dance area.  Our party packages start from £130 for up to 15 children and your party can be set up at a venue of your choice – we bring everything required, deliver the session and clear up all the mess afterwards – what could be better? For an additional £20 I can do a cake smash tray and photograph it all for you too!

Home Parties and Weddings!

We can also offer a home party package, which starts at £105 for up to 10 children. This can be as messy as you want! Usually these are outside in the garden so painting and messy play isnt a problem – however I can do dry messy trays with drawing and playdoh to limit the mess if it’s inside the house.

And we now offer a “No Mess” Christening and Wedding Package. This starts at £80 for 10 children and gives you 90 minutes of activities such as playdoh, drawing, puzzles, chalkboards and writing and sorting activites. I can also bring some craft activities depending on the ages of the children. I entertain the children and help them with the activities giving your guests time to eat their food or enjoy a quick drink at your party!


Email me for more information or to chat about your little one’s big day:

Reviews & Recommendations for my 5-star rated classes..

I am very proud to have received so many wonderful reviews for my classes from both mums, dads and grandparents.  My classes have a fun and friendly atmosphere, where EVERYONE is welcome and it is YOUR time to play and explore with your child.


Holly, thank you so much for bringing this fantastic class to Southport! My 7 month old daughter has absolutely loved it so far! What could be better than letting your little one get messy whilst they learn? And without the clean up at home afterwards! You’re doing such an amazing job. We can’t wait for next week to see what textures we can explore / eat!   –  Sian Naser (Mum to 9 month old Hera, returning for their 3rd block)


This group is so much fun… I take our 12m old son Lucas and he loves it! Holly is great and the sessions are are so well set up. It always seems a shame for us all to mess it up…
Highly recommended! – Ryan Kildare (Dad to 1 year old Lucas)


Me & my 6month old have just experienced this messy play for the first time and found it so much fun! She has learnt about different textures, colours, shapes/marks, smells and most importantly tastes (seeing as she eats everything in sight!!!) Thank you Holly so much for letting me and my daughter do something fun and getting creative and messy together! We’re very excited to be returning for a second block. – Janine Adamson (Mum to 10 month Old Isla – returning for her 3rd block!)


My daughter loves her weekly messy play class- so many different stations and materials to play with and make marks. It’s so lovely to have a class where small babies enjoy it as much as toddlers- and all get something out of it.  –  Laura Lissett (Mum to 20 month old Keeva, returning for 2nd block)


It’s such a great experience for little ones to explore new things. Lots of choice and different textures to explore. My little one was really unsure at first, but after a few weeks and some perseverance at home too she now loves it and gets involved! Thank you!!  –  Nicky Rowell (Mum to 11 month old Heidi, booked on to 2nd block)


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