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We LOVE using Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff both at home and in our classes!

Gelli Baff is not only super fun to play with but is also easy to make up before class and clean away afterwards, which i give a HUGE thumbs up to 🙂 Its also non toxic meaning we don’t have to worry too much about little ones getting the odd bit in their mouths!

Simply add water to your desired tray, bowl or even your bath and sprinkle in the contents. The powder stretches a long way, so you might not need to use the whole pack which again is brilliant!!! Meaning more Gelli Baff fun at another time!! After your finished use the white Dissolver powder to turn your goo back to liquid and it simply drains away.

We used balls in our most recent class, they were hidden at the beginning and the little ones were encouraged to find and dig them out using their hands and our different tools. Its also great for sensory experience, moulding and squishing, this helps to strengthen the muscles in their hands and arms and aiding in both the development of gross & fine motor skills. Its also great for them to see the random marks they make while playing and exploring.

For older Little Learners, spread a thin layer on a flat surface and encourage them to pull their finger or a tool through the Gelli baff to form letters, shapes and numbers. Use key cards with the desired letter, shape or number on for them to copy from. 

I know what your thinking “where do i get my hands on this?” Well GUESS WHAT? We sell all of the amazing Zimpli Kids resources in our shop!!! Pop over and have a gander and treat your little one, and yourself,  to some Gelli Baff NOW >>>

Check out our Gelli Baff YouTube video HERE >>>

Happy Gelli play guys

Emma x – Little Learners Gateshead East & South Tyneside 

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