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Why you should be looking forward to Christmas 2020


Waving goodbye to 2020 is something almost everyone is looking forward to this year. I think everyone is in agreement when I say 2021 can’t come quick enough. It is fair to say that 2020 has gave us plenty of time to think. I hope that by reading this blog it will get you thinking about why this Christmas should be one to look forward to.

Less Fuss

Christmas 2020 is going to be the year of less stress and more destressing. Rather than worrying about what is under the tree, this year we are all focusing on what is around the tree. This means no need for last minute panic buying or going overboard on gifts. Appreciating who we can spend time with in person rather than over Zoom for a Virtual Quiz Night is one of the little things to be grateful for.

Time to Appreciate

Christmas 2020 will be a time to appreciate things which we other wise would take for granted. Having everyone around the table, work Christmas parties, boxing day sales, family get togethers. You know, the things we all assume happen every year.

Spend less money

Less nights out on the cards and more evenings spent lying up infront of the telly with a takeaway can only mean one thing. Less strain on the bank account. This of course means more funds saved up for 2021 holidays… please say that is going to be a thing!

Shopping Local

Well isn’t this a biggi. This year more than ever shopping small and keeping it local is a bigger craze than ever. Smaller retailers have had it tough this year, many having to close for months. We all need to do our bit and try keep our Christmas shopping local. By shopping local you will be boosting the economy in your local area and making for some very happy business owners.

Endless movies

With nowhere else to go, time of the sofa has all of a sudden soared. Netflix for a many movie marathon seems like the best plan of all. Enjoy the chilled out vibes and comfort of not going too far.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas…

With all this in mind, we hope you all have a lovely Christmas spent with ones we love. With the final few days of 2020 ahead of us we look forward to a prosperous & bright 2021. And of course, loads more MESS and MARK MAKING from the Little Learners Team!

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