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Why I love running my own franchise?

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My biggest reason is Ariella, my beautiful baby daughter. There is a 17 year age gap between her and my son. Goes without saying that she was a long awaited gift.

When it came time to think about returning to work, I just couldn’t bare the thought of leaving her. 

My Beautiful Children

I then stumbled across the Little Learners concept and was brought to tears instantly. I knew that this was something me and Ariella could do together. It blew me away considering that I could be at the head of a toddler group teaching them the Mark Makers Programme. I was excited to be able to watch and help many children tackle their Mark Making and be a part of their early writing journey. 

Ariella being the perfect Messy Play Advert

With Ariella by my side I knew that it would give her so much as well. All the time to spend with mummy, of course. But also an opportunity for an abundance of socialising. She meets many new friends four times a week now. I could never have afforded to have her in this many classes, so definitely not something she would have had without my franchise. She is now so confident and independent. Many grown ups, who attend class, often comment on how good she is which makes me so proud.

She is already making each of the four Marks and is only 22 months. I believe this is 100% because we have followed the Mark Makers Programme for the past seven months.

Ariella, just 7 months after we began, already creating her different Marks

I have loved my first seven months of being a Little Learners franchisee. I can’t wait to see Ariella’s ongoing development and the ongoing development of her many many friends in all our classes. We’ve already witnessed so many great confidence changes and Mark Making skills and this brings me so much joy and truly fills my heart with pride for ALL my Little Learners.

Jade x

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