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We love Little Brian Paint Sticks!


Little Brian Paint Sticks are my most mark making implement at Little Learners!

I first discovered them when I went to visit the lovely Karen’s class over in Aire Valley

These little sticks are amazing! You can draw with them but you don’t have to wait for the paint to dry – it’s dries within a few seconds!

I actually think it’s like drawing with lipstick – its got a very similar texture!

The colour of the paint is very bright and stays that way when dry too! I’ve only ever used the classic colours but there are chalk, metallic and fluorescent colours as well as paint sticks specially for drawing on fabric AND they’ve just started a range of face paints!

I’ve only ever tried it once but they work on windows too! I daren’t try it at home too much or Steve will go mad! The colour I put on wiped off extremely easily.

We love using them in class! I sometimes put them out on the painting paper instead of poster paint and brushes!

I’m lucky enough to sell them in my class shop and they’re soooo popular – so much so that when I have them in stock they don’t take long to go out of stock!

Some of the other LL ladies sell them too – if you’re interested ask them. You can also buy them from our Head Office too. Just click here.

I’d love to see any of your creations using Paint Sticks at home!

Catherine xx

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