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Vote for Little Learners!


😱 Our Little Learners need YOUR help! 🙏🏼 Vote for Little Learners!

We’ve been nominated for…
🏆 Most Loved Academic or Creative Activity – (Taught by 30+ Leaders) 
🏆 Most Loved Baby Activity – (Taught by 30+ Leaders)
🏆 Most Loved Party Activity – (10-39 Leaders overall)

We are soooo happy to have been nominated by you lovely parents for another THREE What’s on 4 Kids Awards this year! Thank you..
Now we need as many votes as possible to get through to the finals!!
Please VOTE for Little Learners in the categories above – it takes seconds and means the world to us!

Vote for us!

You can cast your vote here 👉🏻

Thanks a bunch 💜💜💜

p.s. Be sure to leave us a comment on this blog once you’ve voted and who your class teacher is 🙂

12 responses to “Vote for Little Learners!”

  1. Sarah McMahon says:

    Voted! Good luck Little Learners! xx
    We go to Antonia’s classes!

  2. Natalie Garratley says:

    I go to Amanda’s group and have done since September 2018. She is a lovely lady & so welcoming. My son has progressed so much since starting her group, we’d never miss it. Good look little learners! Xxxx

  3. Alison Hunter says:

    Go little learner’s…. We love kate’s class in Brighton and lewes.. She is FAB!!!!

  4. Helen Grindley says:

    Voted. I go to Amanda’s in Willenhall .Fantastic class. Both my boys love it. Older one is 5 but really enjoys it when he’s not at school. Good luck little learners .

  5. Annette says:

    We’ve been to Natalie’s class in Walthamstow it was so much fun and she’s lovely

  6. Laine Whibley says:

    Kate. R. By doing what she loves, she inspires and wakens the hearts of others ! ❤

  7. Theresa says:

    We love Kate’s enthusiasm and creativity at the Lewes group.

  8. Kelly Monaghan says:

    We love Vicki and Nicola’s class So welcoming and so much fun!!

  9. Claire eaton says:

    Nicola and Vicki’s class salford and Trafford great fun we both love it.

  10. Mary says:

    Zoe’ class in Harrogate is creative and fun just what children need.

  11. George says:

    Great fun for Arlo he loves it. Georgia is great with all the kids & they all have fun while learning

  12. Frances Sarginson says:

    Good to see little ones enjoying themselves again

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