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Valentine's Day Hand, Feet & Finger Print Keepsakes!


We LOVE crafting and creating keepsakes no matter the season, especially when it involves using our little ones hand’s, feet and finger prints. Our little one’s grow soo fast that it’s scary, so why not get creative at home and make your very own range of Valentine’s cards and crafts to send to all of your loved ones. Here are some great Valentine’s Day keepsakes!

All you need to create these masterpieces are;

  1. Your little ones hand’s, feet and finger prints. This is a very important part of the process 😉

2. Paints or Paint Sticks

3. Paint brushes or sponges

4. Card or Canvas’

5. Felt tips or Sharpies to add the finishing touches!

Did we mention that we have our very own Canvas Kits over in our Online Shop? Perfect for your little ones to Make Their Mark and create an amzing keepsake.

Our canvas kit comes with a 6 pack Little Brian Paint Sticks too offering a fun, clean and very convenient way to paint. They are water soluble, child friendly solid paint sticks that twist up and down just like a glue stick. No need for brushes or water. Just uncap and paint directly onto your chosen surface. They dry in 60 seconds AND can be used on wood, board and even glass!

We have very limited stock to be sure to grab yours now >

Our finger print Love tree made with Little Brian Paint Sticks and our Keepsake Canvas

So guys….. let’s get creative and spread some love this Valentine’s day! There are so many ideas you can conjure up with the help of our products and your own household items. We hope you enjoyed reading about some great Valentine’s Day keepsakes! Valentines day isn’t all about the gifts you buy, but the people you choose to spend the day with💜

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