Valentine's Day Activities


Valentine’s Day brings with it lots of ways for you to get crafty with your little ones and spread some love around! Attaching a Valentine’s Day theme to activities will help to fuel your kids’ inspiration and freshen things up, as well as teach them about February’s ‘big day’.

Here is a round-up of some of our favourite Valentine’s Day activities, available to do at from the comfort of your very own home and at a Little Learners class near you.

Making Valentine’s Day cards: It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a card from your Valentine! There are so many different ways your kids can get creative with this. Drawing with pencils and crayons, sticking down tissue paper, making hand/finger prints, even getting out the glitter pot – there’s no limit to what you can do.

Hugs and Kisses (a Valentine’s Day version of Simon Says): ‘Simon’ faces everybody else and calls out orders. A ‘hug’ means you must hold your arms up over your head to form a circle like an ‘O’, and a ‘kiss’ requires you to move into a jumping-jack position – feet and arms spread out like an ‘X’ – so your body resembles the letters you would use to write hugs and kisses on paper: XOXO. Mix these in with other usual Simon Says orders. This is a great activity for kids to mark make with their bodies.

At Little Learners classes this week we’ve been mark making by practising drawing love hearts. But there are even more ways to mark make besides using pencil and paper – why not make use of some heart-shaped cookie cutters for some heart-shaped painting prints?

Heart counting game: A slightly less messy Valentine’s Day activity, but nevertheless an educational one. Simply cut out some paper hearts and then cut them in half. Write a number on one half and then draw that corresponding number of hearts on the other half. Mix the heart halves up and have your little ones match them up. This is a fun counting activity and also a fantastic way to help your children recognise number patterns.

Cake decorating: We all know chocolate is the go-to Valentine’s Day gift, but who doesn’t love some cake? Cupcakes are so easy and fun to decorate and there are plenty of heart-shaped decorations to chooses form in the baking aisle of supermarkets.

Of course, Valentine’s Day at Little Learners wouldn’t be complete without our unique messy play trays – have a look at some of our favourites below.

Remember to show off your own Valentine’s Day shots from classes this week by using #LittleLearners on social media.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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