Taste safe chia seed slime!

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I won’t lie, chia seeds get everywhere but with a foil sheet underneath and some towels this DIY Chia seed slime activity will clean up in no time! Using household items, you can adjust the thickness and choose whatever eye catching colours you like!

I’ve used chia seeds a lot, it’s such an easy and taste safe resource for babies and toddlers. I recently wondered what I would happen if I added cornstarch to soaked chia seeds so with a quick look on Pinterest I discovered it makes super gloopy slime!

In order to make your chia seed slime you will need the following:

💜 1 bag chia seeds
💜 Food colouring
💜 Warm water
💜 Box of cornflour

(It’s best to half the recipe if you’re using a smaller tray and want to minimise clean up)

1. Soak the chia seeds in warm water and food colouring overnight or in the morning for an afternoon activity. I used a full little bottle of food colouring to make it extra vibrant but you can use less or miss it out all together depending on your preference. Give it a good mix use a spoon so you don’t end up with Smurf hands like I did!

2. When you’re ready to play, add in your cornflour mixing it in bit by bit at a time. A great way to get the kids involved is to let them lend a helping hand during the mixing process, it’s super satisfying!

It’s as simple as that! We at Little Learners ad a blast playing in it today and getting little ones involved in helping make it is great for their fine motor skills and strengthening those hand muscles.

I’d love to know if you try make this Chia seed slime at home, it’s makes for hours of endless fun!

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