Spaghetti Painting Wands


Is there anything cuter than a baby or toddler covered in paint?! Paint can offer a variety of learning opportunities from sensory play to creative expression and building confidence. We love to explore new ways of painting and these DIY spaghetti brushes or ‘magic paint wands’ are SO much fun!

They’re so simple to make so if you’re looking for a new way of painting to encourage your little one to mark make all you need is: String, Spaghetti, a pan of boiling water and something to paint on.

Using about 15-20cm of string wrap the top of a small bunch of spaghetti and cook in a pan boiling of boiling water stood up so it only cooks the tip of your wands. They only need 5 mins to soften but if you cook for longer, keep an eye that they don’t fall into the pan as this makes the wands very sticky!

Taking them out of the pan carefully, drain the water and leave to cool. Once they are cold you’re ready to dip into paint and make some wonderful swirls, twirls and circles or lovely long lines.

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