Snow Globe Art


Snow Globe Art

Over the Christmas break, we had some fun making a snow globe picture. With a little help, my 5 year old was able to make most of this picture by himself. He really enjoyed doing it! He chose to use the sequins for buttons and a piece of ribbon for the scarf, but you could just use felts or paper. We had the snowman in a Xmas pack, so he was wearing a Santa hat, but you could draw your own snowman or print a template off the internet. Your child can have fun designing their own and choosing sequins, buttons, ribbons or other craft materials to decorate their snow globe picture.

What you will need:

Blue Paper
Small plate (to draw around)
Black Felt tip pen
Snow man template
Sequins for buttons (optional)
Tissue paper/ paper for hat (optional)
Ribbon (optional)
Brown pipe cleaner (optional)


  1. Draw around a small plate and cut it out. Add a base if you wish.
  2. Glue your snowman template onto the circle globe.
  3. Put some glue where you want the snow to go on the ground and blobs to look like falling snow.
  4. Add some glitter on to the glue.
  5. Cut some ribbon to size and glue it round the snowman’s neck and add two small bits coming down the body of the snowman.
  6. Cut the end the ends of the ribbon to give the tassle look.
  7. Add 3 sequins for buttons.
  8. For his face, cut out a carrot shape and glue this on. Also, glue on two googly eyes and draw on his mouth with a black felt.
  9. Using tissue paper, cut out the shape for your desired hat and glue it on.
  10. Finally cut two pieces of a pipe cleaner and glue it onto the snowman’s body.

Hope you and your little ones have fun creating your own Snow Globe Art.

Amanda – Little Learners Wolverhampton

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