Learning through... SNOW!


The beast from the east has arrived and there’s snow everywhere!! Kids off school? Don’t worry, I wanted to share our snowy activities with you all and explain how educational an outside snow day can be! So grab your hats, gloves, waterproofs and wellies because you are in for some amazing educational fun.

A few hours outside can help your little ones develop gross motor skills like coordination, balance, endurance. Fine motor skills such as mark making and pre-writing skills and of course snow is a huge sensory experience for them as well.






This is what we have been up to over our many snow days this winter

  • Mark making using fingers, sticks and anything else we could find
  • Mark making and letter forming using dyed water in a squirty bottle
  • Sledging
  • Running in deep snow
  • Playing football in the snow
  • Making snow balls and throwing them
  • Building snowmen and snowdogs
  • Using a shovel to make ramps and jumps to sledge over and down
  • Tahnee has loved pulling her brother on his sledge
  • Making snow castles using buckets and spades
  • Bringing snow inside and putting in a tough spot, they used the cookie cutters and made cookies
  • Watching the snow melt because its inside

The list is endless and all helping your little ones develop skills and understand the world around them.


I hope you all embrace the snow and make some lovely mark making memories!

Jessica, Tahnee and Tobin

Little Learners Durham


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