Pumpkin Crafts

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I just love halloween, dressing up, more excuses for chocolate and sweets, pumpkin carving and festive crafts!

I always try to plan lot’s of cute days out and struggle to find the time to get through all the craft ideas I’ve found. Instead, this year without trick or treating and the usual pumpkin patch I’m spending my time decorating the house with pumpkins and hand print crafts I’ve made with the boys and enjoying some quieter homely time. I’ll be honest, it’s a relief because getting my two dressed and out of the house is a nitemare. We always end up exhausted and I can’t wait to just enjoy our time without tears (at least until one of them wants the green paintbrush the other has!)

Pumpkin wall decoration

The best thing about the crafts I’ve chosen is they’re so easy and let our little learners make their marks freely. Making something specifically set out often just leads to the bits and pieces being stuck to our telly or nibbled on (because.. babies!)

Our first pumpkin is a painting activity and here’s what you’ll need to try it yourself:

Piece of paper and card
Orange paint (although I find different coloured pumpkins just as cute!)
Paint brushes, Rollers or little hands
Sharpie or cut out face from black paper/card
Pumpkin shape cute out for outline

Here’s how to make your pumpkin decoration

1. Encourage your little learners to make marks across the paper and let dry
3. Stick on your cut out face or use a sharpie to draw on a pumpkin face

Apple pumpkins

I loved making these..I mean my little ones loved making these! They’re such a versatile craft as the pumpkins are quite small. You can cut out and make a hole in the top and hang them as a garland or stick them on some card for a little something special for grandparents or simply stick them in the window to add to your window displays if you’re doing a pumpkin trail this year. If you have a laminator you can also laminate them to put in an activity tray like pumpkin guts gloop or coloured rice.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Apples chopped in half
Plate to make dipping in the paint easier
Card or paper

Simple use the apple like a stamp and press onto your card or paper. Let dry and draw faces on your pumpkins and cut out.

Pumpkin paper plate

Even easier than our first pumpkin simply paint a paper plate and stick on a cheeky pumpkin face. It’s as simple as that and super cute !

Pumpkin stickers

This has to be one of my favourites i’ve tried this week! It’s a fantastic activity to help work of those fine motor skills that build up the muscles in our little learners hands ready for writing and works on their pincher grips. We used some eye ball stickers in class but you can use any stickers you have at home.

Pumpkin suncatcher

I’ve eaten my weight in chocolate recently (mam life!) and saved the wrappers for lot’s of activities. Using a similar pumpkin outline as our previous picture we made suncatchers to hang in the window.

If you dont have celephane you can use tissue paper or coloured paper or even cut up bits of old magazines. If you have an older prechooler this will add to the activity and work on their cutting skills and fine motor skills.

We used a prick stick to glue the outline and celephane onto the inside of laminating sheet but you also make use of some plastic packaging or a plastic pocket and just glue either side together instead of laminating. We then glued on a face and it was finished.

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