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We were kindly gifted some Playfoam from the wonderful Early Years Resources to use at our Messy Play classes and here’s what we thought….

Playfoam Little Learners

I was sceptical at first as to how it would actually work, but trust me it does. The tiny balls stay together with what looks like a very fine fibrous glue (totally non-sticky) it leaves no residue at all. My little one (Age 2 1/2) and the older kids (Age 3) at class loved the texture and used words like “squishy” “soft” and “squelchy” to describe how the Playfoam felt in their hands.

We squeezed the Playfoam really tight and made a ball, some of them made “doughnuts” and we also had a go at shaping letters and numbers out of it.  We pulled it apart and looked at the fibres holding it together. It really is so versatile and a fantastic product for sensory play. 

This is definitely an activity where you need to adhere to the age on the packaging of age 3+. The balls are very small (I had to stop my little one from eating it) and the odd one drops off, although they do stick back together really easily.

All in all a great product for over 3’s, its quite therapeutic and my teenager enjoyed playing with it too (I might have had a little go myself!!) 

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