Top 4 Greatest Ice Play Ideas


Welcome to another blog by me- Mother Tuffa! I am very pleased to say I am going to become a regular feature! Check out my last Tuff Tray blog to find out a bit more about me! 

Today I am focussing on telling you about ice play! I love ice play! Over the past few months it has been perfect to cool little hands down and have some fun! 

Here are my top 4 play ideas with ice for having fun –

Frozen Duplo 

This was very easy, and one of my favourites! A few duplo blocks frozen, duplo Elsa and Anna, and a story told to my children that Elsa had been mischievous and frozen some duplo! The duplo blocks were frozen in a recycled cake packet with 4 compartments in. Lots of fun melting the ice, and then building a castle for our beloved Elsa and Anna! My 6 year old particularly liked the shapes of the ice that came out of the inside of the duplo blocks once it melted! Kept both of them entertained for a good hour! 

Citrus Ice Punch

Here we had some lemons, limes and oranges that were past eating so I sliced them and froze them! I filled my lovely zinc tray with ice and topped it with the frozen citrus fruit! Around are all things metal! A metal jug, some whisks, spoons, 2 mess tins, some jars and lastly my 2 preloved metal tea pots- I think it looks great! The metal with a burst of bright on the black looks very inviting. The children both loved this! Water play is their favourite- anything involving punch or potions is always a hit! 

Ice Painting 

This tuff tray was one of those ones I was a little unsure about but it was a good one! I used silicon moulds- heart shaped and Easter egg are the ones I have at home- so used them! I squirted a little paint in, then some water and popped them in the freezer. I let them freeze for about 30 minutes and then stuck lollipop sticks in them! I then taped paper to the tuff tray. The kids loved it- the ice melted in the sunshine and they painted, mixed colours and the heart shaped ones were even good as stamps at one point too! Was great fun! Even better, once the ice had started to melt, and the kids had had enough of the painting, I whipped the paper off, added some little pots and bottles, some pipettes, a funnel and some spoons and we had another 30 minutes of potion making! All in all, a very successful activity!

Melting Ice 

Here I froze some little animals and popped them on the tuff tray. I put warm water in some recycled ketchup bottles and hand wash bottles. I added  various tweezers, scoops and pipettes and a little tub of warm water too! A super quick, simple activity for maximum fun! 

You can freeze most things! I like freezing little toys for the children to free, or just include it in potion play, or simple add an extra dimension to an activity! The children love to play with ice so any tray or activity with it being used is a success! We hope you enjoy trying out our play ideas with ice!

I’d love you to check out my account, and hopefully find some new ideas! I am always rambling on in my insta stories, and if inspire or entertain one person, my job is done! I look forward to seeing you over at @mother_tuffa 

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