Peppa Pig Themed Messy Play


Peppa Pig Themed Messy Play

At Little Learners, we choose popular themes and create trays to engage the children.

Recently, I did a Peppa Pig themed term. I chose Peppa Pig because it is a very popular choice with toddlers. During the term, we still made our normal marks using our mark maker characters – Lionel, Archie, Swirlo and Ziggy but it was linked it to our Peppa Pig theme.

Favourite Trays

Rice and Sand Peppa Pig

This is Peppa Pig made out of coloured rice with sand for the grass and the sky. To colour the rice, I just used paint and mixed it in a large bowl until the rice was completely covered. I then left it to dry for approximately 10 minutes.

Coloured Oats Peppa Pig

Here Peppa Pig was made out of coloured oats. To create this, I poured porridge oats into a bowl and added paint. I mixed it all up and kept adding more until the oats were completely covered. It takes a lot of paint to cover the oats, and they take a long time to dry out after.

George’s Dinosaur

George’s Dinosaur was made out of moon dough – this has been a favourite for the older children who attend class. It is made with flour, powder paint and baby oil. It can be moulded into shapes but easily changes back into a powder. To make this, you just add baby oil/vegetable oil to flour and add a coloured powder paint if you wish to colour it.

Cereal House and Sand Ball

Peppa’s house made from different kinds of cereal, and her ball made from coloured sand.

Muddy Puddle & Duck Pond


I used coloured cake mix, chocolate Angel Delight and brown coloured thick custard to make muddy puddles, To make the duck pond, I used crazy foam soap and Zimpli Kids blue Gelli Baff.

It was so much fun each week creating trays to suit the Peppa Pig theme.

I wonder what theme we will go with next time ….

Amanda xx



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