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Welcome to another blog by me- Mother Tuffa! Now a regular with Little Learners UK! Check out my first blog to find out a bit more about me! 

Today I am focussing in telling you about paint! To be honest I don’t mind mess, but paint can be one of those activities that can descend into chaos, so I would always recommend a plan of action, in an areas you don’t mind getting messy! I tend to put painting shirts on my children, unless it is hot, then they just do it without a top on! 

Here are a few painting ideas for kids to hopefully inspire you to get some paint out! 

Cork Painting

A super simple activity! A piece of paper per child, a paper plate with splashes of different coloured paints with corks in. I added a few spare corks in the middle and the children got paining! They really loved doing this and I ended up with lots of new art work! The corks I saved from many bottles of fizz during lockdown. I thankfully didn’t use all of my stock and I have to start collecting again! I can assure you I will try hard to replenish my stock speedily! I genuinely love using recycled products for play purposes! And it saved a lot of cleaning at the end! 

Primary Colour Splatter

Super quick set up! I taped paper to the tuff tray and then enjoyed drizzling and squiring red, blue and yellow paint. I then added some great little foam stumps. The children loved this! It was amazing messy fun! I enjoyed joining in too! 


We had lots of fun making these! We were inspired by Zog by Julia Donaldson, a book we come back to regulary! A lovely tale with a twist! I saw this idea on the @learnwithplayathome website! I made the dragons simply using a paper plate- check out my Instagram account on how to do them! I do think mine look a bit like dinosaurs however! I cut the paper plates out and set them up on the tuff tray with a mixture of blobs of paint and a sponge each. The children used the sponges and sponged paint into the dragons! They all had a great go! My 2 year old used the sponge as well as her hands! I think the finished results were fab! 

Salt Dough Painting

After making salt dough Numicon and a few animals with the children, we then decided to paint them once the had dried out. My children love to paint- me not so much! 😂 they had a good 20 minutes or so on this activity, and the magic washing powder in hot water trick you can see on my hints and tips story highlight on my Instagram page made tidying up a lot easier! 

Cotton Wool and Peg Painting

Another way to change up painting is to use pegs with cotton wool balls on the end. The children had 6 colours each and they needed to make a pattern! Whilst my 6 year old did it systematically and it looks super near, we will call my 2 year olds a little more abstract! 

My children love to paint, sometimes I really don’t want the mess but I always find an organised approach means less stress and more fun! Whether you use paint brushes, forks or cotton wool balls- there are so many ways in which to inspire little learner to be creative! We really hope you enjoy trying out some of out painting ideas for kids.

I’d love you to check out my account, and hopefully find some new ideas! I am always rambling on in my insta stories, and if inspire or entertain one person, my job is done! I look forward to seeing you over @mother_tuffa 

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