Paint Fireworks (Almost!)


I started off today thinking I would be very organised and try out some firework painting activities ready for my firework themed class on Tuesday. I thought maybe I could write a blog with the ideas so others could try them. 

Well I think this blog maybe about what not to do!

I had found a few activities so I set about preparing them.

  1. Toilet roll printing: I cut several slits in a toilet roll about halfway up then flattened them out.
  2. Filled some empty spray bottles with slightly watery paint.
  3. Straws to blow the paint into lovely firework patterns.
  4. Paint brushes for flicking paint.
  5. Glue and glitter and black card for sparkly pictures.

I put some newspaper down and a long strip on of paper ready for the artwork to begin. Then unleashed the kids on the paint!!

Jacob has just turned 3 and absolutely loves getting messy. Emily is 14 and has learning difficulties and still loves painting and other sensory play.

We started off well with the toilet roll printing. Quite a good start until Jacob decided he would rather paint his hands. 

However they worked quite well and made some effective firework prints.

Next we tried the spray bottles. This worked really well when I tried and made a lovely spray of colour to represent the fireworks. Give it to a 3 year old and it’s a different matter. Jacob had a couple of goes on the paper then decided to spray the floor, the cupboards the walls and of course me! This is definitely an outdoor painting activity.

So swiftly moving on we tried the straw blowing activity.  They both enjoyed this activity and Jacob tried with all his might but found it difficult to make the paint move. I think the paint needs to be runnier next time.

Finally a spot of old fashioned flicking a paintbrush to create firework effects. Again this worked really well and decorated my floor and cupboards,

So here it is our Firework master piece.

Unfortunately I think there was more firework painting on my floor and walls and I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up.

However the kids loved it I loved it and I really don’t mind the mess.

If your kids love getting messy then why not come and try one of our classes.  We have fun and experiment with all sorts of messy play and best of all you don’t have to clean it up.

How messy do your kids get at home? Let me know in the comments.

Elinor xx

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