Owning a franchise: Be part of a large community making a difference!


Owning a franchise with Little Learners, we’re extremely lucky that we get to be a part of such an important stage of a child’s life. We get to see them grow out of nappies, talk, walk, and even run for the first time! We also hold the privilege of being experts when it comes to educating Little Learners under the age of 5 with the skills they need to go away and start writing. To see children using their 4 marks that we teach, to write their first letter or number is rewarding and then, to see them write their name is the most fulfilling thing about our jobs.

Owning a franchise

As a franchisee, you get to experience all the above but also be a part of something bigger in your local community. Being a trusted person in your community means that your business not only naturally grows, but also become a huge memory as a part of people’s childhood. We often get feedback from parents expressing how much a Little Learners franchisee went out of their way to feel special and the fact that the franchisees get to do a thing they love every day or week, means the world to us here at Little Learners Head Office.

Not only all of this, but it also means that when owning a franchise with us, you can bring your kids to class so they can also experience all those amazing milestones mentioned. Having a career that is family-friendly and flexible is one of the most important things to us. We pride ourselves in offering parents a business model that can fit around their family without having to pick their child over their job or vice versa.

With our 8th birthday coming up, we are so proud to have so many classes running across the UK and Australia, but we are also ready to expand our family and recruit new franchisees! If you want to find out more about owning a franchise with Little Learners, please click here to download a prospectus.

You can also join our free franchise discovery webinar we host each month! This is a great informal way to meet HQ and a franchisee to answer any of your questions. You can book that by clicking here.

We really look forward to welcoming you to our Little Learners Family soon!

Charlott Saunders

Franchise Recruitment Manager

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  1. Stacey says:

    Hey , do you have a brochure or any information I can read about your franchise please .

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