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Mum Guilt and All That Comes With It


Mum guilt is probably the most common thing I see when talking to any parent about what
they want to do next in their lives. It’s something that has also hit me hard in the face,
especially being very career-driven.

I have always struggled to come to terms with certain things and one of the main things is
putting myself first EVEN as a mum. Now, hear me out! When you’re on a flight and there is
an emergency and those oxygen masks drop from above you, you are told to put your own
mask on before you put one on your child. Why? Because you are no help to anyone if you
pass out! It works the same in life too and when we don’t sometimes put ourselves first, we
can’t give our children that 100%. Mum guilt normally drives us to think we can’t put
ourselves first because that dread feeling eats away at us subconsciously.
There is no manual in life, and there is no right or wrong way of doing things and that’s why I
now kick my mum guilt to the curb and live life the way it makes me AND my family happy.
Mum guilt actually helped me love my job. Here at Little Learners, I have the pleasure of
meeting a lot of mums who go through this kind of guilt and giving them a business option
where they can finally lead a normal work-life balance which puts that guilt at bay. I honestly
can hand down say that giving people an option to live the life they have always wanted is
the most rewarding job ever.

Owning a Little Learners franchise is more than just earning money and going to work every
so often. It means getting to spend as many hours with your child as you want to see them
grow. It means being able to pop to lunch to have that all-important catch up with your
friends to release some tension. The beauty of it all is it’s completely bespoke to the life that
you want to live, and I get to give you that opportunity! I’m sitting here as I type this, smiling
like a Cheshire cat because it makes me SO happy!

Today if you do anything, please accept my challenge and do this: DO SOMETHING FOR
YOU! It could be small like making yourself that special hot chocolate with all the good stuff
that comes with it, or it could be booking a holiday to the Maldives… just do it! Remind
yourself that no one can be a better mum than you are, to your own children. You are you
and they love you for you!

If you want to find out a little more about achieving the work-life balance that I have
mentioned above and owning you’re very own Little Learners Franchise, please drop me an
email at

Charlott xxxx

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