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More Pudsey Fun!


This week is Children in Need and up and down the country Little Learners are busy hosting themed classes. Pudsey loves his spots and this linked perfectly to Swirlo Week. Our Swirlo mark is all about circles and swirls. Here are a few of the activities Little Learners Basingstoke got up to this week.

Pom Poms

A lovely activity that caters for all the ages. The little ones love holding the pom poms and picking up the bowls. Then they start to sort the pom poms and using their fingers either to put the them in the bowls or onto Pudsey for his bandana. The older ones use the tweezers to move the pom poms. A great fine motor skill activity and one you could re create at home.

Crazy Soap

This is definitely one of the more messy ones! But a favourite. I love the smell of the purple crazy soap and the colours are great. I used 3 different colours to create Pudsey’s spots.


The children loved this one and it feels amazing, like soft sand. For the tray I put the moon dough as spots and then used balls and Pudsey on lolly sticks. The lolly sticks are great for mark making. Moondough is easy to make, just add vegetable oil to plain flour. (I have also used rice flour in the past which works well too). Moondough is great for building, moulding and scooping.

Thank you for reading and please do share your Children in Need themed ideas with us, we would love to hear them.

Lene x

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