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Why Messy Play Parties are More than Just Fun – They are Great for Learning Too!


Looking to organise an amazing birthday party for your little one? Why not try a messy play party from Little Learners for a change?

These parties, organised by Little Learners – UK’s award-winning preschool company specialising in educational messy play – can be great fun and a valuable learning opportunity for your child.

Wondering how a messy play party can offer your child some valuable life lessons? Read on…

Party the Way your Little One Likes It

Little Learners themed parties and events for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers are based on their educational messy play concept. These parties involve activities that build your child’s motor skills, mark making and creativity.

There’s even our famous “cake smash” activity available at some of our parties, which of course have been a great hit with the kids and parents alike.

messy play party

We ensure these parties are fun and engaging by including activities around popular characters, films, books or TV shows that your child is familiar with. We have organised popular themed parties such as Frozen, Peppa Pig, In the Night Garden, Hey Dougee, Marvel Avengers, Thomas the tank, Cars, Alice in Wonderland, unicorns and much more.

messy play party

In addition, we provide the usual messy and sensory play, play dough, painting, crafts, dance and scribbling & drawing activities to give your child the best fun and play time with their friends.

Learning through Play

Your little one will experience the happiest moments at our fun messy play classes. It will not be fun alone though. Our babies and toddlers parties and events will help towards your child’s learning journey.

Children develop their focus as they learn to mark make whilst they are playing at our party activity stations. The use of hands, toes, fingers and feet strengthens their core muscles. Small actions during messy play classes such as picking up play dough and even messing up the paint trays will help develop your child’s fine motor skills. They are learning without knowing it!!

Jumping, dancing, crawling, and running will also help to develop your child’s gross motor skills. Well-developed motor skills make it easier for your child to hold a pencil steadily, and write letters and numbers, as he or she reaches school age.

A Party Customised to Your Needs

Our messy play class will be tailored to your child’s interests. You can choose activities and resources according to your budget and amount of party guests.

You can have a venue of your choice. We’ll bring all our messy play class resources to the party, arrange them, deliver a fun session and clean up after the party!

Our messy play classes are very popular with parents and kids. Those who have tried these classes come back for another happy learn-as-you-play experience.

If you want an educational messy play event or party for your little one, hurry up, and make a booking today!

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  1. Sarah Chapman says:

    I am thinking of having a messy party for my sons 2nd bday. I would have 15-17 children. Ages 1-6. It would be the last weekend of Nov. Could you please send a quote? Thanks

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