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Messy Play on Sunny Days

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We all know it’s important to get the kids outdoors. But how can we incorporate messy play into those moments in the sun?

Spring is here and everyone is eager to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine but it can be difficult to think of new activities, especially ones which support early writing and mark making!

Messy play… but make it messier!

For any of you that have joined us for a Little Learners class (and if you haven’t… you’re missing out! Find your nearest class here), you’ll know that we take messy play seriously. We use tuff trays, mark making and messy play to encourage early writing and develop fine AND gross motor skills – encouraging your little learner to explore and learn.

Little Learner classes are designed to be messy affairs but outside classes take it to a whole new level. With no space restrictions, our class leaders can incorporate a whole new world of fun activities, whilst you soak up a few rays!

Lene, who runs Little Learners Basingstoke, runs her outdoor classes on a local cricket ground. She even incorporates the pitch sprinkler system! She says…

‘Last year during a heat wave I had set up loads of activities, it was so warm! As the children were arriving the cricket ground put on their huge sprinklers on the other side of the field. All the children ran over to cool down and have fun in them! At the end of the class I ran through them too!’

She also explains the benefits of having a large space to explore…

‘Outdoor classes enable the children to play games which we are sometimes unsuitable for indoor sessions such as ring games, hop scotch and water guns. Children who are new to the classes, or who are just a little shy, preferred getting messy with tools such as spray guns before they get stuck in with their hands. When outside, I don’t need to worry about walls getting sprayed with paint!’

Little Learners Basingstoke

Dance like no one is watching!

Helen, from Little Learners Longfields and Sevenoaks, took the opportunity to incorporate dance into her outdoor session.

‘I did a joint outdoor event with my local Tappy Toes group. We had a massive dance party, followed by a snack break and then messy play! With all the extra room, the children could really run around and explore!’

Finally, outdoors sessions opens up the possibility for BIGGER messy play, that can spill over the Tuff Tray. Bubbles are ever popular, just ensure that you use nature safe brands – we all have to do our bit!

Mitch even used beans and spaghetti hoops in her Dumfries and North Carlisle sessions!

A few tips…

Make sure you have water available and a shaded spot for little ones to rest!

Always bring sunscreen!

Check that your materials are eco friendly and won’t harm the local wildlife!

Most importantly – HAVE FUN!

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