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Making the Most of Summer in the North West


Planned your summer yet? If not, consider heading to some interesting places in the North West that you may not have explored yet. These places are great for families and have several engaging activities to keep your little ones hooked.

Some places are sure to fascinate your kids and you with their innovative concept of educational messy play.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

Head to this cool venue to beat the summer heat! The Beach has got some excellent children’s favourites including thrill rides. The Big One rollercoaster ride here is the UK’s tallest with a speed limit of 87mph! The Nickelodeon Land is popular among younger kids.

For those interested in some mind games, there are hours of gaming sessions to be enjoyed. Head to the golf course or the bowling alley for some quality family fun time. There is also a seaside fare to explore!

Children of all ages are allowed.

Chester Zoo, Chester, Cheshire

Book a date with wildlife at Chester Zoo, which is home to over 21,000 exotic and endangered animal life, 500 species of wildlife and a wide span – measuring 125 acres – of habitats and islands.

A variety of simulated environments and their inhabitants including African plains and Indonesian rainforests are here for you to explore!

Other popular attractions include river boat trips, monorail rides, and interesting and educative junior ranger training sessions with expert zoo rangers.

Chill Factore, Manchester, Greater Manchester

Go cool with real snow at Chill Factore! A venue for kids of all ages, Chill Factore has fabulous attractions that are sure to keep your kids thrilled.

Let your kids play in the real snow with Snow Fun and Extreme Snow. Get some physical and mental exercise with some amazing Climbing Wall sessions. Indulge in an exhilarating and fun session of skiing and snowboarding too!

Heavy action, loads of fun and unforgettable times, catch them all at Chill Factore!

Little Learners

How about teaching valuable life skills to your kids in the way they know best – playing?

Little Learners, an award-winning pre-school, offers innovative educational messy play sessions for babies and pre-school going kids. These messy play classes encourage kids to learn social skills and develop a mindset of exploration, learning and creativity.

A messy play class typically includes painting, play dough, dancing, scribbling, painting and a variety of other activities to encourage kids to make marks and write.

Children use their hands, fingers, feet and toes at messy play classes, which strengthens their muscles and develops motor skills – crucial for learning to grip a pencil and form numbers and letters.

Parents have given the educational messy play from Little Learners a 5-star rating. Visit the nearest franchise to know more about the baby & toddler classes. Find out more about booking a messy play class here.

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