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Lollipop Stick Jigsaw

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I recently made some wooden stick jigsaws for my classes last week. The little ones seemed to love them so I thought I’d share with you how to make your very own.

Firstly I thought about what I could draw onto them that the children would identify with, and of course chose our very own Little Learners characters. Now I’m no artist, so for me this was a huge thing to choose, however they turned out pretty easy to copy which was lucky!

I taped together 6 of my jumbo wooden sticks to make sure they would all stay lined up whilst drawing onto them.image

Then came the outline of our first character Lionel, I used a light pencil that I would be able to go over in pen.image

Once the outline was finished I then coloured him in using coloured pens. I was suprised at how quick and easy he was to draw and colour.


I also added a Soldier mark to the jigsaw and his name as a little extra. Once Lionel was all done I then went on to draw Archie, Swirlo & Ziggy following the same process. image

I have to say I love them, I know I’m biased but I think they are great.

Wooden stick jigsaws & puzzles are great activities to help little ones develop their fine motor skills, cognitive awareness, problem solving and much more. They are great to use in social situations to help children interact with one another forming bonds and friendships.

My Little Learners loved them and I’m sure yours would too!


Emma X

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