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Make your own Sheep!


I’m always looking for things for Amelia to do to keep her occupied or give her new experiences – especially now she wants to be doing everything I do or do something grown up for her.

I found this activity after scrolling through pinterest. Now, as they say, don’t work with children or animals, this activity definitely didn’t go to plan but I hope you can see where it should have gone!

When reading about the activity, I found it looked so much better when done on a full length glass door like you would have in a conservatory, but I’m sure it would work wherever you have space.


  • Sticky back plastic
  • Black permanent pen (I used a sharpie)
  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • Sticky Tape

Draw your sheep onto the non sticky side of the sticky back plastic using your permanent marker.

Use the sticky tape to stick the sheep on your door, with the sticky side of the sticky back plastic sticking out.

This is quite tricky. I found it easier to unpeel one corner of the paper off, and stick it down then unpeel another corner and work my way around until it was all stuck down and could reveal the full sheep!

Then let your little one loose with the cotton wool balls to decorate the sheeps wool.

As you can see from the following photos, this is where it went all wrong for me and Amelia! She loved sticking the cotton wool balls on but didn’t get they needed to be in the outline of the body. I wasn’t too bothered as she was having lots of fun!

As you can see from this picture, you can see she has peeled off everything she stuck on. This shows the children that residue is left when you pull the cotton wool off – meaning you still get a fluffy sheep even though it’s not as bumpy!

You can also see from the picture that Amelia got fed up quite quickly so it’s something I’ll leave for a while until she’s got a longer attention span! It’s was great to watch her explore what would happen and what she could do.

Have a go with your little ones! Please let me see what you come up with!

Catherine x

Little Learners Doncaster

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