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Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast!


It’s all about Beauty and the Beast at the moment with the new film gracing our cinema screens!

How about making your very own enchanted rose? It’s so simple and so much fun.

What you need:
beauty and the beast

  • Plastic Rose
  • Plastic tumbler
  • glue
  • blue tac
  • glitter & sequins
  • card
  • pen
  • scissors.

What to do:

Draw around the bottom of your tumbler onto a piece of card and cut it out.
Put the blue tac in the middle of the cut out circle and press the rose into it.
Put some glue round the base of the rose and add glitter and sequins for extra sparkle!
Add glue around the base of the tumbler and press down onto the card to secure in place.

There you are – your very own enchanted rose!

Lucy xbeauty and the beast

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