Little Learners Teacher Awards 2019


We must admit… our franchisee‘s here at Little Learners are the most passionate, creative and dedicated class leaders! They put 100% into creating engaging, fun and stimulating Messy Play sessions for your little ones to learn & develop in a safe environment.

Their passion is encouraging every child to make their mark and begin their writing journey in the funnest of ways!

Every year we hold an awards ceremony at our annual conference to celebrate some of the achievements of the franchisee’s. One of these awards is voted by YOU – YES YOU THE PARENT! It’s the Little Learners Teacher of the Year award.

Who will get your vote? Please choose your winner below. You may leave a reason if you wish.

The winner will be announced on Saturday 8th June at our Annual Franchise Conference in Newcastle.

Thanks for your vote! 🙂

12 responses to “Little Learners Teacher Awards 2019”

  1. Maxine says:

    Holly Benn is amazing!

  2. Holly says:

    Thank you!! xxxx

  3. Michila says:

    Michele is such a lovely and friendly person and really interacts with the children. We love going to one of her messy play sessions x

  4. Sam says:

    Alex is amazing and super friendly! She is great with the two children I nanny for and completely understands them and their interests. She is very good at keeping all children of all ages entertained! Alex always has a smile on her face and we all look forward to her class each week ❤
    Big thank you for everything you do! x x

  5. Helen Clasper says:

    Shes so good with the kids they love her

  6. Emma howard says:

    Holly Benn is amazing, my boy adores attending her classes she is so passionate about messy

  7. Lorraine West says:

    I have a grandchild named Eliza. My daughter in law – Becky says she loves going and Karen is brilliant with the children. I worked with Karen when she was a teacher and getting messy is her favourite thing to do. She’s passionate, super friendly and always has a smile on her face. Eliza loves going and so does Becky. All her classes are fun and different every time. Thanks Karen xx

  8. Karen is brilliant !
    My granddaughter Lily loves her to bits. She runs up to Karen to give her a hug whenever she sees her.
    Even when Lily runs off early to play Karen just smiles and gets on with it. She’s the same with all the children in the group. Lily starts nursery in September and boy is she going to smash it, thanks to Karen and messy play.

  9. Tace butterfield says:

    Karen always has a smile on her face and we loved every session we went to

  10. Sean McGuinness says:

    I have voted for Holly because she is so committed to children’s education and making it fun.

  11. David cook says:

    My grandson josh always looks forward to going to Michelle’s class she is absolutely brilliant with all of the children she works very hard to make it enjoyable and fun

  12. Thank you so much Sam, I love having you and Eddie (and William sometimes) at the classes xxx

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