Little Learners on Lockdown


We are delighted to deliver the exciting news that we are now bringing Little Learners Live classes to the comfort of your own home. We will be going live everyday at 10am on social media with a different activity for your Little Learner.

After having to make the difficult decision to postpone all classes, the last thing we wanted was our Little Learners to stop making their mark. After many late nights brainstorming, we thought LETS GO LIVE!

We are going to be getting stuck in from GLOOP, making our own play dough, Easter crafts to homemade Fine Motor Activities. All activities are designed to help your Little Learner develop their early writing skills.

We believe the more fun kids have while making their mark, the more they will enjoy and be confident when it comes to writing letters and numbers.

So what is ‘Mark Making’ all about?

The Mark Making Programme helps your child start their journey towards writing. Scribbles, patterns & different shapes are known as ‘mark making’.

At Little Learners we have four Mark Maker characters which represent the four main marks which help form all letters, numbers, shapes and patterns: a straight line, curve, circle and a zig-zag.

Our online classes will introduce all four characters – Lionel, Ziggy, Archie & Swirlo (they cannot wait to play with your little ones)

Great, so what is Little Learners?

We deliver educational messy play classes for babies to pre-schoolers. We encourage children to use their hands, fingers and toes to make their mark. This will strengthen their core muscles and develop their gross & fine motor skills – vital skills for holding a pencil & writing when they reach school age.

When we are back up and running we would be delighted to see you at one of our classes. Find your nearest class here.

All you need to know:

What? Fun, educational activities to encourage Mark Making.

When? Everyday at 10am starting Monday 23rd March.

Who? Our passionate Franchisees, you & your Little Learner.

Where? The comfort of your own home. Register your interest on the event where you will have access to the live classes.

Why? To raise everyone’s spirits and keep leaning while on LOCKDOWN!

Despite being stuck indoors, we can still MAKE OUR MARK with Little Learners Live classes.

See you there!

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