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Learning Through Play


With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, busy parents, greater use of IT-related activities and ongoing academic pressure, children often miss out playtime. Be it indoor play or outdoor play, kids need playtime every day!

Little Learners can help. We encourage your child to learn through educational messy play which includes activities involving play dough, paint, scribbling, sensory play, music and dance – all in a healthy and a fun environment.

Why is Play Important for A Child?

Engaging your toddler in activity enhances communication skills, social interaction and aids his/her emotional development. Once involved and engrossed in play, there’s no limit to a child’s creativity and imagination.

Play is important for a child’s brain development. Through play, a child becomes confident and creative, learns to socialise and interact and develops a love for their environment. This can result in a marked improvement in vocabulary and articulation – even in children as young as 3 years.

Children are able to express themselves through play without hesitating, holding back or being shy. They learn to practice problem solving and decision making; they learn to negotiate and resolve conflicts among themselves, often without needing the intervention of an adult.

How to Involve Your Child in Play

The playtime can be structured or unstructured; in a group with other kids, with an adult or alone.

Structured play for toddlers or pre-schoolers can include organised music, dance or swimming lessons, storytelling groups, board games or sports activities.

Unstructured play is unplanned and spontaneous and involves make-believe or pretend-games and imaginative or creative play – alone, with other playmates or an adult.

At Little Learners, we have a mix of a structured programme and child initiated play through our messy play classes that are conducted in a safe environment. Our friendly and experienced teachers help guide your child’s early learning and development.

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We focus on children’s overall development – physical, emotional and cognitive – via our messy play classes – it’s something you’ll be glad your child didn’t miss. In our baby and toddler classes, parents can involve themselves fully and participate in all the activities offered.

So, why delay? Join with us and watch your child learn, grow and make their mark!

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