Keeping Busy During Winter


It is the season of snow and cold, and keeping the kids engaged can be very difficult. Try the following ideas to keep your kids busy this winter.

Indulge in Some Snow Play

Why worry about the snow outside when you can play in it?

Dress your kids in weather-appropriate clothes such as coats and hats, and head outside. Keep your kids busy and have some fun yourself with activities such as building a snowman, building snow-forts, throwing snowballs and sledging.

Take the opportunity to remind your kids of their school lessons. Get a spray bottle with coloured water, preferably a dark colour. Ask your kids to spray their alphabets and numbers on the snow.

Know Your Trees

If there are trees in your garden or in the neighbourhood, then winter is the best time to get to know them better. Trees shed their leaves in this season, which leaves them bare for exploration.

Huge trees create the illusion of mystery, which makes exploration adventurous and interesting for kids. This activity also teaches kids to be aware and respectful of nature.

Visit The Story Museum

Located in Oxfordshire, The Story Museum is Oxford’s newest attraction. It offers stories, events and activities for kids of all ages. There is a giant story bed for children to snuggle up and listen to stories in.

Kids can have fun dressing up for the Talking Throne or explore the world of Narnia. There are several other things to do including listening to kids’ favourite authors and storytellers talk.

Experience a Chocolate Treat

Head to Hawkshead in Cumbria, England, with your family for an extraordinary chocolate time. The Cocoa Bean Company here has a fun chocolate adventure designed for kids.

Children will love to spend the time at the Chocolate Factory here creating amazing chocolate works, including animal shapes and chocolate slabs. A collection of delicious sauces and sweets including jellybeans and marshmallows is available to add taste to their chocolate treats.

Kids are free to take home whatever chocolate treat they create!

Experiment with Educational Messy Play

Educational messy play is an innovative concept that prepares pre-school kids for their school years. This concept uses fun and play to teach kids several physical and mental development skills.

In a typical messy play class, kids are encouraged to make marks through activities such as playing, scribbling, painting, dancing and singing. They are taught to use a variety of tools such as play dough, chalk, pencils, pens and even their own bodies.

As kids use their fingers, toes, hands and feet to make marks, it strengthens their motor skills and hand-eye balance and makes holding and gripping pencils easier.

If you are interested in knowing more about messy play classes, contact Little Learners, an award-winning preschool company with a 5-star parent rating.

Thank the winter for giving you the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids and create incredibly sweet memories!

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