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Keep the kids entertained while you work from home!


The spread of Covid-19 is having more and more of an impact on our daily lives each day. With the talk of both offices and schools shutting down, the chances of having to get the laptop out and work from home is becoming more likely. But how do you juggle replying to emails and entertaining the kids? We have a number of suggestions for kids activities at home to make things that little bit easier.

Become a book worm

Independent reading is fantastic for our children’s development and with so many books out there now, all abilities are catered for. To make reading more fun, take a trip to the library, allow the kids to choose their own books and this way they will be more likely to keep reading on their own while you work!

At Little Learners we have launched our very own Mark Makers book collection. This encourage interactive reading for mum/dad and baby. The range made up of Lionel, Ziggy, Swirlo & Archie are perfect for all ages.

The easy to follow educational stories and colourful illustrations mean kids will want to read again and again – giving you peace to tick another thing of your list.

Order yours today from our online shop!

Activity Books

We appreciate getting your child to sit down and read a book isn’t always straight forward. Working from home with a long to do list but playing referee with the kids means patience may be running thin. Activity books are a great resource which children find fun. Entertainment can be sorted for a few hours if you have the right book!

Here at Little Learners we have our very own Activity book made up of fun and engaging activities based around the Mark Makers program. The bright colours and exciting characters will be sure to keep everyone quiet for an hour or two.

Mark Makers Activity Book


Board games, jigsaws, puzzles, play sets the list goes on of toys you have stashed away in the toy box. Toys are a great means of keeping tantrums at bay and can be great for your child’s development.

Little Learners have their very own shop online where there is something for everyone of all ages. The toys are all value for money resources and are ideal for fine motor & hand eye coordination.

So there you have it kids activities at home – reading, activity books and digging out the toys are all easy and stress free ways of keeping the kids entertained while you get your head down to meet those deadlines. And Little Learners have it all in our online shop ready for you to order today.

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