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                         Making a Robot

Adam’s Robot

This is fantastic activity that will keep children busy for hours.

Adam, who is 5, wanted to make a robot, so first of all we looked at some pictures of robots to get some ideas of how we would make it.

For the next few weeks, we saved any recycling that he thought he would be able to use for his robot. He thought carefully about the boxes, plastics containers and other packaging that we were throwing away. It really got him to think about the sizes and how he might use each piece.

When we had quite a selection of ‘junk’ for his project, he laid it all out and chose which parts he wanted for each part of his robot.

The only other thing that we needed to make the robot was Sellotape, so it barely cost a thing to make.

With some help off his Dad, he constructed his robot. He thought carefully about the different parts and also had to problem solve when parts did not fit or balance. Adam added extra boxes to balance the robot and cut parts down so the neck of his robot did not wobble.

He really enjoyed the whole process; he got a lot from the experience and was very proud of his robot! I wonder what he will decide to make next!

They could even paint and decorate their masterpiece.

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