Henry Hedgehog - Play Dough Activity


Autumn is here and this is a fantastic play dough activity for the kids. My Little Learners made Henry hedgehog in class and they loved him!

It is such a fun activity, great for developing those fine motor skills/hand-eye coordination and is so easy to make.


All you needs is:

  • Playdough
  • Pasta (uncooked)
  • Play tweezers or tongs

To make:

  • Make the hedgehogs rounded body using the playdough with your hands.
  • Push the pasta into the hedgehogs back to make the spikes.

For an added bit of fun – Give the kids play tweezers or tongs and tell them to take the spikes out but they can only use the tweezers or tongs.

Hope you enjoy!

Jess (Little Learners Durham & Dales)

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