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Starting Reception

The week I have dreaded since Adam finished Nursery has arrived, and I am an emotional wreck! He starts Reception this Wednesday! I am struggling to cope with this – any advice to make this easier?

Adam is nearly 5 and he has been ready for Reception for a long time – I know this and I know he will be fine but that is not making it any easier.


When he started Nursery, he loved it from the very first day. I always dreaded it but was pleasantly surprised at how happy and confident he was which instantly put me at ease. However, I never imagined twenty months later I would be so worried and emotional again. I thought I wouldn’t be bothered but I am!

Reception Taster Day

The day, back in July, when he stayed for lunch made me realise that I was not ready for him to start Reception. I dropped him off like any other day, just a bit earlier but on this day I wasn’t allowed to take him in.

Normally we would take our child in, help them hang their things on their peg, watch them write their names and put their peg on the board at the front of the class and settle them with an activity before we went. I had to stand at the gate and watch my little boy wander in without me. He looked around confused and not understanding why I wasn’t coming in, he walked slowly and kept looking back.

Parents Reactions

Everyone else carried on as normal, they didn’t seem bothered. Perhaps they just hid it well – maybe they thought the same about me!  However, I was fighting back the tears and trying to explain to Callum, who is one, why he is not going into Nursery to play for 5 minutes and say bye to his brother. I got in the car and cried like a baby! I am an emotional soul!

He is so ready!

Adam tells me all the time that he is so ready for Reception, the teachers tell me and I know myself. Nursery was holding him back; he needs to be in a phonics group etc. Academically he is doing fabulous and I know Reception will be great for him.

I am being selfish; I want to keep him to myself as I know there will be limited time together when he is at school all day. He will be tired, have homework, reading etc to do and I will miss our adventures and quality time together. We have had the most amazing summer holiday and I have ensured he has thoroughly enjoyed it.

I think the fact that he is there all day and that means the teachers spend more time with him than I do, bothers me. Also, that I can no longer take him in and see him happily settled before I leave. Thirdly, that he has to have lunch there and I am not there to see what he is eating.

I am a big worrier, I worry he won’t have enough to eat and drink, that he will be tired, that he will be scared on the big playground etc.

How will Callum cope?

What worries me the most is that Callum and Adam have become inseparable and Callum will struggle more than I will. He will miss him so much!

Being a mom is so hard at times! I know it is all part of him growing up and I just have to get on with it!

Adam is so excited!

I will make sure Adam doesn’t see me sad because he is so excited. This is so special to him! He is excited to take his new wellies, use his new lunch box and wear his flashing dinosaur shoes. He can’t wait to see his friends and the teachers too.

For the last ten days or so, he has asked to go to school and has been sad when I have said no, not today! It is actually great that he is so enthusiastic about going to school – let’s hope he is like this every year!

Is anyone else feeling like this?
Anyone got any advice to make this week and next week any easier for me?

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