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Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas with Little Learners!


The festive season is well and truly upon us now, and what better way to celebrate this exciting time of year than with our Christmas events!

Check out our list below of all our franchisees to see what they have planned at a Little Learners near you this December.

Our Christmas events typically consist of all of the usual Little Learners fun and messy play activities, but with a special festive twist! There will be themed Christmassy messy trays, arts and crafts to make and take home, sensory play and plenty of Christmas music. And in some locations, Father Christmas may even make an appearance!

Spaces fill up quickly so book yours whilst you still can.

Little Learners Lisburn & North West Belfast:

  • ChristMESS Party 14th December at 10:15am – celebrate the launch of Little Learners Lisburn & North West Belfast with themed messy play, plus crafts to make and take home

Little Learners Leeds:

  • Little Learners at The Cloisters Christmas Market, 13th December – 15th December – come and have some festive fun at the Christmas market where there will be Christmassy crafts and messy play

Little Learners Fareham & Eastleigh:

  • ChristMessy Fun Festive Event, 13th December, 9.30am and 1.30pm
  • ChristMessy Fun Festive Event, 20th December, 9.30am

Little Learners Windsor, Maidenhead & Slough:

  • Little Learners Christmas, 13th December, 11.30am
  • Little ChristMessy Learners (Christmas party), 14th December, 10.30am
  • Little Learners Christmas, 20th December, 11.30am

Little Learners Harrogate:

  • ChristMESS Party, 12th December, 11am and 1.30pm
  • ChristMESS Party, 13th December, 11.15am and 1.30pm

Little Learners Belfast & North Down:

  • ChristMessy Party, 13th December, 10.15am
  • ChristMessy Party, 14th December, 10.15am

Little Learners Salford & Trafford:

Little Learners Reading:

  • We wish you a MESSY Christmas, 16th December, 10.30am
  • We wish you a MESSY Christmas, 16th December, 10.30am

Little Learners Lewes & Brighton:

  • The Snowman Messy Play and Mark Making, 6th December 10.30am and 1.30pm
  • Christmas Party (Cooksbridge), 13th December, 11.30am
  • Christmas Party (Uckfield), 18th December, 10.15am

Little Learners Wolverhampton:

  • ChristMessy Party, 20th December, 10.30am

Little Learners Gloucester & Forest of Dean:

  • Christmas Messy Play, 14th December, 10am
  • Build a Christmas Bear, plus Messy Play, 23rd December, 11am

Little Learners Stockport:

  • A very messy Christmas, 9th December, 1.10pm
  • A very messy Christmas, 19th December, 10am
  • Magical Christmas workshop, 21st December, 10.30am
  • Magical Christmas workshop, 23rd December, 10.30am

Little Learners Wales South East:

Little Learners Doncaster:

  • A very messy Christmas party, 21st December, 10am

Little Learners Derbyshire North East:

  • Christmas event, 16th, 10am
  • Christmas event, 18th, 10am
  • Christmas event, 20th, 9.45am

Little Learners Manchester North:

  • ChrisMESS Special, 13th December, 10am

Little Learners Milton Keynes & Bedford:

  • Cranfield’s Very Messy Christmas, 13th December, 10am
  • Brooklands Messy Winter Wonderland, 15th December, 10am

Little Learners Northumberland:

  • ChristMESS, 13th December, 1pm
  • ChristMESS, 16th December, 11am and 1pm

Little Learners Newcastle:

  • Christmas crafts and card making, 10th December, 11.30am
  • Christmas crafts and card making, 12th December, 10am
  • Christmas crafts and card making, 13th December, 11am
  • ChristMessy party, 17th December, 11.30am
  • ChristMessy pary, 19th December, 10am
  • ChristMessy party, 20th December, 11am

Little Learners Gateshead East:

  • Christmas crafts and clarty party, 14th December, 10am
  • Christmas crafts and clarty party, 21st December, 10am
  • Christmas Cracker, 22nd December, 10.30am

Little Learners Darlington & Durham:

  • A very frozen ChristMess, 21st December, 10am

Little Learners Gateshead West:

  • ChristMessy party, 21st December, 10.30am
  • ChristMessy party, 23rd December, 1.30pm

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Little Learners HQ!

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