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Halloween Mark Making!


It’s that time of year when the evenings become darker, the leaves change colour and it’s Halloween! I absolutely love this time of year.

Half term is upon us and what better time to get creative at home. Over the past few days I have prepped and tested out a few ideas which I will use at my Little Learners Halloween Class this week. If you do try any of these Halloween crafts then please do share pictures as I would love to see them.

Chalkboard Pumpkin Mark Making

I spotted this online and thought I would give it a a go. I had never used chalkboard paint/spray before and it was amazing.

All you need is: a pumpkin, chalkboard paint (I bought a spray in Wilkos) and chalks.

NOTE: the painting/spraying of pumpkins is for adults only and do follow the instructions on the tin.

I took the pumpkins out in the garden and sprayed them with the chalkboard spray. It was very quick and easy. I then left them to dry. Tip: I did turn them over after a few hours as the paint had dripped underneath and settled under the pumpkin.

Once dry I let the children try it out using chalks. We used kitchen roll to wipe it off. A perfect mark making activity that you can do again and again.

Halloween Window Charms.

A great fine motor skills activity and one suitable for older children too. I put pasta, straight out the bag into a bowl. I then squirted a few blobs of paint and mixed with my hands. I faced my fear of glitter! and sprinkled glitter onto the wet painted pasta. The purple effect was very Halloween. I left the pasta to dry and made sure they weren’t stuck altogether as this can cause the pasta to break.

I printed off the Halloween Little Learners sheets and reduced them in size. (you can download these for FREE ). We then hung them in the windows as part of our Halloween Window display.

Happy Halloween & keep up to date with our Halloween Fun over on our Facebook!

Feeling crafty? You can have Halloween Crafts fun using PUMPKINS! Find out how here!

Have fun.

Love Lene

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