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Why It’s so Great to Start Learning Young


Kids have a great capacity to grasp and retain lessons from their early years. Encouraging them to learn during these years ensures that the habit of learning stays with them for life.

Children who start learning young, especially in the first 5 years of their life, are more likely to experience success and happiness in all spheres of life including individual, family, professional and societal. This is because they learn several invaluable life skills that they retain all through their lives.

The best way of ensuring that your children start learning young is to make learning fun!

Our educational messy play classes are rapidly gaining popularity for their uniqueness and the enthusiasm they inspire in both kids and parents.

Little Learners is an award-winning preschool company specialising in messy play classes for babies & toddlers. Conceptualised by a qualified primary teacher, educational messy play involves motivating children to learn through mark making and messy play.

By encouraging early learning, educational messy play inculcates the following life skills in your children.

Develops Individuality

A strong sense of self ensures your child has a healthy self-confidence and unshakeable self-esteem. Such children can grow to express themselves confidently in professional settings and relationships without issues of insecurity.

Messy play classes inspire kids to express themselves in a fun way. Children are encouraged to “make marks” by scribbling or making patterns, letters, numbers and shapes as a way of expressing themselves. They think, explore and express, all the while being engaged in an activity they like the most – play.

Builds Social Skills

It is crucial to teach children to learn to get along with others as early as possible. This early education develops in them the capability to be flexible without losing their individuality, an invaluable skill that will serve them well in later years.

As messy play classes take place in groups, they provide a great opportunity for kids to learn together. Children learn to mingle with others without any shyness and grow to form their own group of friends.

Concepts such as sharing, playing together and waiting until one gets his/her chance at play, are built and nurtured.

Develops Patience

Patience is an invaluable skill that is needed in every aspect of life. From learning to wait for teacher’s attention and following instructions to being patient enough to explore different play tools and sensory experiences including playdoh, chalks, pencils, paintbrushes and even their bodies, kids learn patience in a number of ways at messy play classes.

Aids in Physical Development

Brain functions and motor skills develop so much during the first 5 years. This is the right time to teach children to be creative and develop their writing skills.

Messy Play Hartlepool

By encouraging children to use their hands, feet, fingers and toes for mark-making, messy play classes develop excellent fine motor skills. Messy play activities also strengthen kids’ core muscles and make it easier for them to hold their pencils, preparing them better for higher classes.

Experiences that your children go through in their early years prepare them for their life ahead. Make your kids’ experience fun, lively, interesting and invaluable with an education that inspires lifelong learning.

Choose messy play learning at Little Learners and watch your kids bloom. Book your messy play class with us today!

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