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Giving up the bottle (baby bottle that is!)


Baby Love

Hello, my name is Holly and I’m a baby-bottle-aholic.  I have been an addict for 4 years now and I think it’s time for me to give up. Noah was 2 1/2 before he stopped having a bottle and I’m so determined to drop Marley’s bottle before she’s two… but I just can’t face it. With Noah he just loved his bottle and as I was pregnant and VERY ill with it, it just wasn’t a great time to rock the boat. That’s ultimately why it took me so long to give him a cup. With Marley it’s totally different. I don’t think she’ll miss her bottle one bit. I doubt she’d notice at all. It’s ME who doesn’t want to give it up (insert that pained crying face emoji here)


I love giving her a bottle at bed time. She holds it herself whilst I read her a bed time story and for those few moments it feels like she’s a little baby again. For the rest of the day she is little miss independent tearing around like a whirlwind. She feeds herself well, plays well, can put her own shoes on, climbs the stairs safely… she doesn’t feel like my little baby. Waaaaaa! So then at night time when she’s curled up on my lap with a bottle, I feel like I have my little baby again. And I love babies!! The thought of giving this up at the moment is too hard to bare. My oldest is starting school in a matter of days and will be all grown up before I know it. I really don’t think this is helping my cause at all.


Get a grip!

So… this is my pathetic little mum secret. I can’t give up the bottle! The rational part of myself tells me to get a grip and just put it in the bin. Bottle feeding is bad for their teeth and she might end up needing braces in the future. As well as an increased risk of cavities. I always brush her teeth afterwards but still… it needs to go! I guess I’m just reluctant to take these steps because I know it’s another ‘last time’. Marley will definitely be my last baby. Two is sadly my limit both mentally and physically.  Now I’ve put this in print I know I have to do something about it… I’ll come back and blog about how I get on giving up my little baby vice.  If you have a baby vice then PLEASE tell me about it! Maybe you don’t want to give up the bottle either. Maybe it’s a dummy? Co -sleeping? Breastfeeding… it’s tough giving these things up sometimes. But we can do it… stay strong from one weak Mama to another!


Holly, Little Learners Southport xx

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  1. Elinor says:

    Hi Holly. My Jacob is nearly 3 and still has milk in a bottle at night. He loves it and I love cuddling up with him while he has his milk. It’s relaxing for him and me and makes me stop my busy life and relax for a bit. I know he shouldn’t have it but I also know it is going to be a battle to stop. They grow up so quickly and it’s hard to stop believing they are still babies. Also never say never I only ever wanted 2 children and also thought that was my limit but here I am with 3 but living every second. Xx

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