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Fun Spring Activities for the Kids!


This Spring, use the warmer weather as an opportunity to spend some quality time outside with your kids. Indulge in outdoor activities, embrace new experiences and participate in messy fun. Here are some ideas to consider:

Educational Messy Play

This fun way of teaching children to make marks using their feet, hands, toes and fingers encourages the use of their core muscles and the development of motor skills.

Educational messy play enables kids to express themselves creatively and motivates them to experience:

  • a sense of exploration
  • using materials such as play dough, chalk, paint brushes and lots of other resources used in messy play classes
  • social interaction with other kids and adults
  • use of all their senses through play – promoting cognitive growth.
  • development of motor skills and coordination of the eyes and hands, preparing them for the future by enabling them to get a head start with tasks such as writing.

The Little Learners award-winning preschool offering is a safe and lively environment for children which provides unique baby and toddler classes. This educational messy play activity is ideal for your babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. 

You can book one of our messy play classes here.

Create a Spring Scavenger Hunt

You can tailor this popular outdoor activity to the Spring season by focusing on flora and fauna appropriate to the season. This can include birds, insects, tree blossom, rosebuds, butterflies and flowers.

To make the game more interesting and educational, you could create a list that the children can tick off once they spot the object or creature. You could try a picture list for little ones and a reading list for older children. This way, you can stimulate their senses and improve their spelling and reading skills – all while having fun!

Build a Garden

This is one of the best ways to help children connect with nature. Choose and plant flowers or vegetables exclusive to the season. Enjoy a great time in the dirt and mud followed by the wonder of watching them grow!

Experience a Farmer’s Market

Take your children to a farmer’s market. With its array of vegetables and fruits, the market is a colourful environment for them to experience and enjoy. Take the opportunity to help them identify the different types of produce and the benefits of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables to a healthy lifestyle.

Indulge in Gross Motor Activities & Games

Spring is a great time to play outdoors. Take the opportunity to get your kids do some exercise and have fun doing it. Involve them in a skipping / jumping competition or ball games in your street!

End the Day by Watching the Sunset…

The perfect way to end your Spring day! Watch a beautiful sunset with your children while talking about being thankful for a lovely day – a great opportunity to teach them gratitude for the simple, but important things in life!

Create some beautiful memories for you and your family this Spring with these joyful activities.

Why not share your family’s favourite Spring activities with us in the comments below – we’d love to hear about them!

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