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Fun Lolly Stick Activities


I’m a bit of a hoarder and after a recent tidy up I noticed I’ve got loads (and I mean LOADS) of lolly sticks. I got cracking on ideas of how can I can use them in class and here’s a few things I’ve come up with.

Colour matching with clothes pegs.

Simply colour a lolly stick different colours then with the same colours do the ends of clothes pegs. The idea is that the children match up the colours while working on their fine motor skills.



This can also be adapted for older children with numbers in words on the stick and numbers in numerals on the pegs OR counting dots on the stick and finding the matching number on the peg OR words on the stick and find the letters on the pegs OR……. loads of variations on that one.

Making Shapes

I cut up some sticky velcro and put them on each end of the sticks. The idea being that the children can velcro the ends together and make some 2d shapes.

This can be adapted for older children to make 3D shapes by giving them some play dough to join the corners.


I put different stickers on the ends of my lolly sticks with the idea being that they have to find the matching sticker and place that lolly stick at the end. Much like dominoes but a bit simpler. You could of course make this harder by using numbers and numerals, words and pictures etc etc



Great for fine motor skills. Wrap an elastic band round the end of 2 lolly sticks then push a pom pom (or a piece of rolled up paper) up towards the elsastic band. Voila, tweezers.

These were just a few that I managed to easily make and take to class. Please feel free to email me any pictures of activities you’ve done with lolly sticks as I’ve still got a massive stash of them!   🙂


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