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Free & Easy Half Term Ideas


We gave off such sigh of relief on Friday afternoon after submitting our final piece of schoolwork for the week, Whoop!! So after being “Teacher” and having a regimented schedule we sat down and thought of some Free and Easy half term activity ideas to enjoy together this Half Term, we wanted to share them with you all in the hope they will help you enjoy your time together this week too.

First on the list was a “Laser Beam Maze” because, why not? Really super simple and it kept us occupied for a good half an hour, lots of belly laughs and encouraging one another. All you need is masking tape and LOTS of string. Be sure to wrap the string up afterwards though or it’ll end up in a tangled mess like ours!! Ooops!

We have also printed some of our FREE Downloads. Our favourite is the Dot to Dot which we form and then colour in too. Not just for the little ones either, is adults love a good Dot to Dot!! Grab yours from our online store >>

Of course we have mark making on the list!! Grab anything you may have around the house. Oats, sand, icing sugar and lots of different tools to see what marks you can create. We have chosen to use flour and collected a few bits we have lying around in the kitchen drawers.

We plan on exploring and finding lots of mud. We LOVE mud and funnily enough it keeps us super happy. Wrap up warm, put on your oldest clothes, waterproofs and wellies and go splodging. Be prepared for your return with black bags on the floor, bung everything straight in the wash and jump in the bath! Don’t forget a messy child is a happy child!

Don’t forget to check out our YOUTUBE channel too which is full of half term activity ideas to keep your little ones busy. We will certainly be looking back on some of the ideas from the last year.

This is just a few quick ideas for you to have a think about. Don’t forget, the days don’t need to be filled with activities. Sometimes its nice to veg out in front of the tv and just enjoy each others company. If you have older ones do something you know you will enjoy. Maybe a pretend spa day with face masks, nail painting and relaxation music. Grab your recycling bin and do some junk modeling.

But most importantly take a load off and breath!!

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